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Session Title: 

CEFR Vs. Assessment: How can new revisions help?

Logo: If you already have a logo for your session, upload the image file to the wiki. If you don‘t have a logo yet, you can add one later, during the moderator training session. (We will help you find/create an appropriate logo if you don't already have one.)


CEFR has settled rules for determining students' language levels. Yet what is the relation between it and assessment? What are the newclarifications/descriptors added through the recently published CEFR revisions? Can these really promote teachers' assessment of their students' classwork and their lesson plans as well? Is there a place for technology also? Let's look it up!!

Target audience: 

Supervisors, Head of Departments, Experienced and Novice Teachers 

Session objectives: 

By the end of this session, the audience would be able to:

  a.  Understand the different scales and descriptors of the CEFR

  b.  Assessment their students and work according to the new CEFR revisions 

  c.  Develop teaching Speaking and Writing skills and assessing them 


Syllabus: The session syllabus. Include the major focus for each week and at least one activity or task. You will fill in the details during the training session.

Week 1: Jan, 11-18 2020

Get introduced to each other and give an introduction about the general plan of the sessions and their outcome. What is the CEFR? Why was it formed? How is it divided? Why? Reflections will be done on a number of lessons from different books. 

Assignments for Teachers:  Refer back to CEFR and give us your reflections on them. What have you found out?


Week 2:  Jan. 19-25 2020

The homework assignment is to be checked and revised. Reflections will be discussed as well. This time the following questions will be dealt with: What revisions were added? How are they divided? How can these divisions help us as teachers and reflect on our work? Receptive and Productive skills are to be discussed in details with applications. What is the relation between them? 

Assignments for Teachers:  Apply the session on one receptive skill and one on productive skill 



Week 3: Jan. 26- Feb. 1 2020

The homework assignment is to be checked and revised. Discussions are to be directed towards "Interaction and Mediation". How do they link with receptive and productive skills. Why are they important? 

Assignments for Teachers:  Apply the session on Two different lessons



Week 4: Feb. 2-8 2020

The homework assignment is to be checked and revised. What is Plurilinguilism? What is Pluriculturalism? How about Young Learners? What have the revisions added to benefit them? How can we apply that in class?  Different applications are going to be done during the session.

Assignments for Teachers: Apply the items discussed on Two different lessons or situations that you faced in class before. 



Week 5: Feb. 9-152020

After checking and discussing the homework assignments, a wrap up of all the sessions is to be discussed and important points are to be tackled. Time would be set for Q & A. 





Moodle and Wiziq will be the main platforms of communication  


Join this session


Registration starts on Jan 5, 2020. 


To join this EVO session:


From January 5 - 11.


  1. Go to: http://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=136
  2. Log in the first and each time by clicking on one of the following social icons: Facebook, Microsoft, Gmail, or LinkedIn on the login page: Login in with Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft 
  3. Enrol in https://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=136  


If you need further help on how to log in, please watch the following video:

How to Sign Up and Login (video)




Tesol-IS, a number of facebook Groups 

Moderators: Fill in the table on the page you have created for all session moderators and co-moderators. You can change or add to the list later. Co-moderators are expected to take part in the training session along with moderators.


Name (last, first)

Email address

(country of residence)

(max. 50 words) 


Aya El Wakil 



Aya Hossam is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts English Dept., Ain Shams University. She is also a #D Character Animator in addition to being an English Language Instructor for Adults. 


Maha Hassan 



Maha Hassan is an Educational Consultant, Teacher Trainer and Founder of Teaching ESL Hub. She was nominated for Lead 5050 Women International Education Award – WIE 2018. She has presented at a number of International & national Conferences. She had a number of articles published on international journals. She blogs on teachingenglishcafe.blogspot.com/














Primary Contact (just one, please): 

Maha Hassan       maha.professionaltrainer@gmail.com





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