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Session Title: 

Project-Based Learning Vs. Task-Based Learning 

Logo: If you already have a logo for your session, upload the image file to the wiki. If you don‘t have a logo yet, you can add one later, during the moderator training session. (We will help you find/create an appropriate logo if you don't already have one.)


Have you applied project-based learning before in class? What is the difference between it and task-based learning? Can it be applied with any level of students? What criteria should we follow when working on it and how can we assess that work? Join us to find out answers to these controversial questions.


Target audience: 

Both novice and experienced teachers 

Session objectives: 

"By the end of this session, participants will be able to

     a. Differentiate between project-based and task-based learning

     b. Realize the objectives of both tasks

     c. Form rubrics suitable for assessing project-based learning

     d. Make a list of appropriate steps to apply project-based learning in class  


Syllabus: The session syllabus. Include the major focus for each week and at least one activity or task. You will fill in the details during the training session.

Week 1: Jan, 11-18 2020
Getting introduced, give an overview of the session plan to be followed. A short discussion on the difference between Project-based Learning and Task-Based Learning with follow 

Week 2:  Jan. 19-25 2020

A quick review of the previous week will be made. An introduction about task-based learning will follow together with practical activities. These activities will then be analysed.  Teachers will be asked to prepare a lesson following task-based technique. 

Week 3: Jan. 26- Feb. 1 2020

A review of the assignments handed will be made.  Integrating technology with task-based learning will be discussed. Examples will be introduced and analysed. Teachers will be asked to prepare a task-based lesson integrating technology.

Week 4: Feb. 2-8 2020

A review of the assignments handed will be made. Project-based learning will be fully discussed. Steps of work will be worked out. Assessment of project-based learning will be discussed as well. Designing rubrics will be explained as well 

Week 5: Feb. 9-15 2020

A review of the assignments handed will be made. A wrap up of the whole idea of the session will be made. A Q& A time will follow. 



 The main platform of communication will be Wiziq for all the session work 

  • Interactive space (group/community/forum)
  • Content space (where your syllabus, readings, and videos will be) 
  • Live meeting space (for synchronous events/webinars)


Other technology tools:   

Suggested sponsor(s): 


 TESOL-IS, Facebook educational groups  

Moderators: Fill in the table on the page you have created for all session moderators and co-moderators. You can change or add to the list later. Co-moderators are expected to take part in the training session along with moderators.


Name (last, first)

Email address

(country of residence)

(max. 50 words) 


Aya El Wakil





Maha Hassan 
















Primary Contact (just one, please): 

Maha Hassan      maha.professionaltrainer@gmail.com


Statement of commitment: On your own session page, each moderator should type the words "I agree" followed by his/her name to show understanding of and acceptance of the following statement:


I understand that session moderators are required to participate in the 5-week Moderators' Development Session from October 13 until November 10, 2019. The EVO session will be offered between January 11 and February 16, 2019.  I understand that EVO sessions are free of advertising and no commercial sponsorship is allowed. Finally, I understand that EVO sessions are free and open to all, and that no academic credit may be given for participation.


I agree     Aya El Wakil 

I agree     Maha Hassan 



Save your page and return at any time to work on it before the deadline Sept 6, 2019


If you have any questions please review the instructions carefully.

Then if you still need help, contact any EVO moderator whose email is listed at 


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