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Getting Online as a Teacherpreneur

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Session Title: Getting Online as a Teacherpreneur



If you want to be an independent online teacher and set up your own website or platform, this session is where you need to be.

This session is about  technical knowledge for novice to intermediate level users. Starting with understanding the working of internet, programming requirements for getting online with a focus on learning programming for the internet.

Target audience: 

Teachers of any subject (technical or non-technical background) wanting to setup their own web portal for teaching online.


Session objectives: 

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  1.     How does the internet work
  2.     Set up your own website using WordPress.com.
  3.     Understand the difference between having a blog/website on WordPress.com versus your own self hosted website.
  4.     Programming requirements for client side web development.
  5.     Create Your own first web page using HTML and CSS.
  6.     Understanding programming through JavaScript.

Syllabus: The session syllabus. Include the major focus for each week and at least one activity or task. You will fill in the details during the training session.

Week 1:  Jan, 11-18 2020


Introduction to working of the Internet 


During this week we will look into the use of IP Address and setting up of client server linking for website to get live online. The various protocols used for transfer of data.


Task of the week: Setting up your own domain on WordPress.com.

Week 2:  Jan. 19-25 2020

Introduction to Databases and WordPress


During this week we will try and understand why is it important to have access to user data. How to access data of users registered on the website. How to upload content on website. We will also see the various aspects of website security.


Task of the week: Setting up WordPress Dashboard, Pages, Posts and Privacy. 

Week 3: Jan. 26- Feb. 1 2020

Introduction to coding for web


During this week we will look into the coding languages used for web development. HTML and CSS. Write code using a coding editor in HTML and CSS to develop a web page. 


Task of the week:Creating your own web page through HTML and CSS 


Week 4: Feb. 2-8 2020

Introduction to Programming with JavaScript


During this week we will look into the fundamentals of programming through JavaScript. Basic fundamentals which are the foundation for critical and analytical thinking. 


Task of the week:Writing code for web page using Java Script

Week 5: Feb. 9-152020

Programming with JavaScript


During this week we will continue working on programming through JavaScript. We shall write code and practice programming fundamentals. 


Task of the week:Writing a complete code script for a dummy online quiz using Java Script





  • Moodle 
  • WordPress 
  • ZOOM 
  • SlideShare 


Other technology tools:

  • Coding editor- Visual Studio or Brackets

          (Both are open source coding editors) 


Introductory Video:


Facebook Group:




Join this session


Registration starts on Jan 5, 2020. 


To join this EVO session:


From January 5 - 11.


  1. Go to: http://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=240
  2. Log in the first and each time by clicking on one of the following social icons: Facebook, Microsoft, Gmail, or LinkedIn on the login page: Login in with Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft 
  3. Enrol in https://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=240  


If you need further help on how to log in, please watch the following video:

How to Sign Up and Login (video)







Name (last, first)

Email address

(country of residence)

(max. 50 words) 


Kapoor, Harshita



Harshita is the founder of Codewizacademy, an e-learning portal designed for teaching Core programming and IT related skills. She has worked as an educationist  in the K-12 sector. She holds a Masters degree in Computer Application and a few certifications in programming such as OCPJP by Oracle. She is certified as Cyber Crime Investigator by ASCL, India.



Deutsch, Nellie



Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D. is a Canadian long distance teacher, runner, and healer. She has been teaching EFL in the public school system and at universities for over 40 years. Her teaching expertise include junior high school (ages 12-15) team leadership and adult teacher development. She also practices mindfulness, the Alexander Technique, the Paula Method, and Reiki in and out of the classroom. 


Primary Contact

Harshita Kapoor


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