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Workplace English: pre and in-service

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Session Title:

English for the Workplace




Abstract and Target participants:


This is a session for teachers of Business English or those with an interest in teaching Business English in the future.


We are going to look at the special groups who make up Business classes, some of the tools of the trade, and ways to build programmes to suit the students.

We will investigate the differences between classes and 1-2-1 students, pre-service University groups and those already in the workplace, and f-2-f classes and those delivered online.

A group of international business teachers is available to share their expertise and help suggest ways to start or improve your own business teaching. By the end participants should be able to design material to suit their circumstances and future-proof their lessons.



To give teachers some ways to engage their BE students, whether by way of knowledge or designed materials. The session will look at ways in which teachers are working with their students, to better enhance participants understanding of the needs of BE students in a variety of contexts and to give them material and ideas to do similar things in their own classrooms. 



The material each week will be asynchronous- will consist of short instructional video clips or PowerPoints together with set tasks for participants to try out/discuss.


Week 1


An introduction from Shweta Paropkari from India on teaching vocabulary for business English to her university engineering students,

how to develop the skills needed and ways to engage pre-service students.


Week 2


This week will concentrate on English delivered in the workplace to Finance and accounting professionals, and HR professionals.

Kirsten Waechter will follow on from Andzrej Stesik who will start by looking at Needs Analyses from the point of a case study.


Week 3


This week will look at useful skills for the workplace such as step by step help in developing role-plays and the training needed to write and understand good business emails.

Ekaterina and Marina will take part of the week each . We will also look at developing podcasts with students with these questions in mind: What are the benefits of creating podcasts with your learners? Is it beneficial for the students, the teachers, the learning process? What are the challenges?

This masterclass will come from Silke Riegler.


Week 4

Another week looking at English in the workplace, this time for IT and digital specialists, presented by Adi rajan.

We will also look at designs for blended learning and teaching online from Marcela Harrisberger. This will introduce Trello.


Week 5

Time to wrap everything up with a look at how to make the CEFR work from an ELF perspective. Katrin Lichterfeld, a specialistin working with the CEFR, will help us understand the future of BE and the knowledge needed to make the BE classroom an exciting reality.


Media Platforms


We are going to use Schoology for participants to communicate with each other and moderators. The name of the group is: EVO 2020 BE 


This will also house the content, although we also have a wiki on pbworks which we can use for storage beforehand.

We will use Iatefl's Adobe platform or Zoom for any webinars or live communication.

Our moderators will use a specially created FB group so that they can share Moderator training, ideas and suggestions.



This session will be sponsored by Iatefl BEsig and supported by BEsigs from Apiba, Russia and India.


Join this session


Registration starts on Jan 5, 2020. 


To join this EVO session:


From January 5 - 11.


To join the group, first register as a student in schoology, if you do not already have  an account. Click on groups/my group and ask to join the group. The access code you will need to input is X748-J3HF-W2TD4







Our presenters will be moderators themselves for the week they are sharing information, and the Besig Online Team will back them up all through the five weeks.


Speaker  Topic  Country of Residence  Email Bio  Headshots
Katrin Lichterfeld

BE as a Lingua Franca and the CEFR implication for the classroom

Week 5

Germany katrin.Lichterfeld@spraschenlichter.de

After working in the export dept. of a beverage company, Katrin did an MA (Science of teaching and learning languages) and a CertIBET. For nearly two decades she has been working as a freelance in-company trainer in the Ruhr area of Germany and has learned about BELF in practice from various clients


Shweta Paropkari

Teaching English to pre-service Engineers Looking at Vocabulary teaching

Week 1

India shweta@kmit.in A soft skills trainer at Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology since 2014, teaching an average of 500 students, from 18-21, a year. Shweta is also a trainer for Cambridge and IELTs and holds a MA in English.
Kirsten Waechter

Finance can be fun: finding and designing engaging activities for finance and accounting professionals.

Week 2

Germany kirsten.waechter@besig.org

Kirsten has been a business English trainer since 1998, teaching in-company courses. Today she focuses on teaching business communication, ESP and intercultural courses. She is also a material writer and translator.


Marcela Harrisberger

Online teaching: an agile process framework for managing complex knowledge and the flipped classroom approach

Week 5

Brazilian based in Germany marcela@gmail.com Marcela is an online BE teacher, teacher trainer and certified professional coach. She holds a degree in Educational psychology and a further qualification in People Management.
Ekaterina Krasikova

Writing and understanding professional emails

Week 3

Russia katenika1@rambler.ru Co-owner of a Non-profit centre for education. Ekaterina has published more than 10 books and numerous scientific articles in the fields of Linguistics, Philology and Methodology of Teaching English. She has won a number of awards for her innovative teaching methods  
Andzrej Stesik  Building a program using Case study and Needs analysis Poland andzrez.stesik@besig.org Andzrej is a valued member of Iatefl BEsig, with many years of business Teaching in Poland under his belt 
Marina Bocharova

Playway to Business Small talk and Networking skills: creating extended role-play activities.

Week 3

Russia fluent.english.skype@gmail.com Marina has been teaching English for more than 20 years at Voronezh State University in the corporate IT sector and also using her own online project. A Phd and Cambridge CPD holder, Marina is senior Lecturer in Linguistics and provided game-based learning.
Adi Rajan

Functional Language for Digital Practitioners


Week  4

Australia adi.rajan@gmail.com Adi is a learning designer and educator based in Sydney. With a background in ESP, teacher development and instructional design, he has worked with global organisations. He is also a MOOC educator and a CELTA tutor, with an interest in edtech,informal learning, visual design, and culture.
Virginia Lopez Grisolla 

Week 1 


How to handle Correction when training Teachers in University

Argentina v.lopezgrisolia@gmail.com Based in Buenos Aires. Past president of APIPA BESig.
Silke Riegler

Week 3


making and using podcasts with students of Business English

Germany silke.riegler@t-online.de Based in Germany. Business communications  Trainer and Intercultural communications specialist. Author



Moderators from the BOT Team Email  Country  Headshot 
Oksana Hera oksana.hera@besig.org  Ukraine  
Grace Alchini grace.alchini@besig.org  Mexico  
Kirsten Waechter kirsten.waechter@besig.org  Germany  
Andrzej Stesik andzrej.stesik@besig.org  Poland  
Sue Annan sue.annan@besig.org  Jersey C.I.  
Mercedes Viola Mercedes.viola@besig.org  Uruguay  

Statement of commitment: On your own session page, each moderator should type the words "I agree" followed by his/her name to show understanding of and acceptance of the following statement:


I understand that session moderators are required to participate in the 5-week Moderators' Development Session from October 13 until November 10, 2019. The EVO session will be offered between January 11 and February 16, 2019.  I understand that EVO sessions are free of advertising and no commercial sponsorship is allowed. Finally, I understand that EVO sessions are free and open to all, and that no academic credit may be given for participation

Oksana Hera : I agree

Grace Alchini : I agree

Kirsten Waechter:  I agree   

Andzrej Stesik: I agree

Sue Annan: I agree

Mercedes Viola:  I agree   

Katrin Lichterfeld: I agree

Shweta Paropkari: I agree

Marcela Harrisberger: I agree

Marina Bocharova: I agree

Adi Rajan: I agree

Virginia Lopez Grisolla: I agree


The above have seen the recordings of the Moderators Development sessions and the BOT team are the same group as last year.

It has been made clear that they are representatives of EVO and that the sessions are given freely.




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